Hello! You’ve reached the home page of actor, Andrew Price.

At the end of May 2018, I hung up my touring boots for while in order to concentrate on matters closer to my home in London and to my other job in Herefordshire.

I’ve been involved with the Herefordshire family farming business for many years, following the death of my parents; and recently, have been busy with a planned transition, with my nephew and namesake, Andy, taking the reins in the Shire, allowing me to get back to the Smoke.

By sweet coincidence, as if to mark the occasion, StarGirl, shot on location in Herefordshire, was released online in mid-November 2018. Premiered in 2017, it’s been doing the tour of festivals but is now available for all to see (see above).

It’s a compelling piece of filmmaking from writer/director James Price of Pixie Films and his amazing team. A stark, SciFi western, set against the forbidding isolation of the Herefordshire countryside, it centres on a disillusioned sheep farmer, Stan, played by me, who meets a female alien… It is by turns poignant and poetic, comic and absurd, sinister and thrilling; and well worth 20 minutes of your time!

Let me know what you think.

You can get up-to-minute information about other current and ‘brewing’ projects via my Twitter account @AndrewPrice_AP and via Facebook.